10 Great Ideas for a Buzz-Worthy Enchanted Summer Garden Party

Our fascination with gardens and that all that bloom inspired this over- the -top, cool theme party with a surprise a at every turn! Perfect for a summer theme party, wedding, special event, welcome reception, gala, corporate event, or fund raiser.

For April Fools Day – Pzazz Productions created a host of surprises for guests at the inaugural “Foolin Around in the Garden” event at the Naples Botanical Garden. A magical night of captivating entertainment, dazzling encounters and beguiling décor. From Tromp L’Oeil Stilt and Garden Performers to Living Food Tables with hidden surprises, Aerial Champagne Servers, Fortune Tellers, Magic and More.

Here are our Top 10 Ideas to help you turn your garden party into an enchanted adventure!

Pop Up Drink Walls placed throughout the garden provided guests with a unique and amusing way to get their drinks.

1. Flower Drink Wall a 20’ flower wall featuring orchids from the garden filled the entrance path. Satin gloved hands appeared through the wall offering sparkling champagne to surprised guests.

2. Garden Goddess Stilt Performer and dancer, created an enchanting welcome for arriving guests, serving as greeter, ice breaker and photo opportunity.

3. Living Tree Man (Trompe L’oiel Foliage Fella) blended into the tropical flora, popping out to welcome astounded guests along the entry path.

4. A Carnival Barker style emcee, invited guests to experience rare plants at a side car filled with unique specimens that guests were invited to fund.

5. A series of Living Tables featuring stunning performers in live floral arrangement headpieces offered themed welcome cocktails.

6. Guests were delighted to discover the Living Head Table, where a fresh fruit display included a Talking Watermelon Head providing comic entertainment.

7. A beautiful floral arrangement in the middle of the appetizer table surprised guests as the flowers rose up to reveal our charming Human Flower Arrangement .

8. A comic Pop Up Flower Drink Wall invited guests to “Honk for Hooch” to summon our amusing jester who would appear with drinks.

​​ 9. Sing for a Sip read the sign on a stunning gazebo with cascading crystal curtain, orchids and wisteria. At the sound of a song the Floral Ballerina would appear with colorful cocktail. ​​

​​ 10. Aerial Champagne Servers, dressed as Garden Fairies, hung from 20’ truss pouring champagne for delighted guests below. ​​

​​ Bonus Ideas!

11. Psychic Readers invited guests to sit and have their fortunes told in a variety of colorful mediums. From Palm Reading, to Tea Leaves, Crystal Balls, Angel Cards and Aura Artists. There was something for everyone.

12. Henna Artists offered both authentic henna and temporary tattoo versions of elaborate henna designs.​​​​​

13. Strolling magicians and mentalists astounded guests during cocktails and provided amusing entertainment popping from table to table during dinner.


Want to see more? Click Play to watch a video of our Magical Event:

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