Pzazz Flash Mob

Camaraderie and Collaboration

The process is as much as fun as the performance.  Your plants will have the time of their lives as they participate in a fast-paced, fun-filled rehearsal with our professionals.  Don’t worry, we make sure everyone goes out feeling prepared, stress free and like a Rock Star!  The only disappointment will be that it didn’t last longer.


Knock Your Socks Off Performance

Once the Flash Mob takes off, it’s a fast paced energetic highly entertaining choreographed production. For extra WOW, we can add specialty acts… acrobats, aerialist, velocity stilts, hula hoops and more! 



Perfect for Any Event

Our custom Flash Mob can segue directly into your Award Show, CEO Reveal or Tribute Video.  Perfect for General Session Openers, Business Meeting Closers, Gala Fund Raisers, Employee Recognition Events or any special occasion.


Call today and tell us about your event.  Our talented team is ready to create your perfect Flash Mob!


Pzazz Flash Mob: An over-the-top production where Flash Mob meets Choreographed Creative Production for an experience your guests will not forget!


The Element of Surprise

From our perfectly orchestrated sting… something’s gone amiss and the resolution will not be what it seems… To the moment the first performer jumps out of their seat, or out from under a waiter’s tray…


Audience Participation

To the gathering momentum as your tablemates seem to become drawn into the action and hit the stage with gusto and few very professional looking moves!


This is not your ordinary event entertainment and this is no ordinary Flash Mob!  


What the guests do not know, is that we have plants among them.  Some are professional dancers that look like your guests and some are your guests.  They are positioned among you and ready to jump into the fun as it explodes around your guests.


Pzazz Flash Mob Performers

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